Nelson & Djosa



Nelson & Djosa is a production duo from Rotterdam, the Netherlands now based in Amsterdam. We turned to the studio after our first collection of songs found success as the debut album for Ntjam Rosie. At that same time, we made our mark on the love scene performing in different groups mainly in the Cape Verdean scene in Rotterdam, which is where we got our name from (Niels Nieuborg=Nelson, Jasper Cremers=Djosa, as we were re-named by our Cape Verdean music friends). Since then we produced thousands of songs out of the "Timewarp Studio", favoring the combination of analog synths, fuzzed out guitars, buzzing bass and retro-analog drums. Our musical influence is difficult to pin down exactly but it ranges somewhere from psychedelic space music, krautrock and dreampop to obscure soul/jazz records of the late 70’s and 80's power ballads. Someone once said that if Robert Plant and Herbie Hancock ever had children, they would be named Nelson & Djosa. We also once got called "the worst thing I've heard since the 80s"... Uhhhh well ok. Since the start of Nelson&Djosa we produced almost a dozen albums, a documentary, numerous videos and we are just getting started, so stay tuned to our social and website coming to you in the near future.